CHEF-KOCH's Microblog ✨

Hello World!

This is my own little micro-blog here on Bear 🐻, the platform does not include any trackers or other nonsense, which is the reason why I use it. I post stuff when I am in the mood, so do not expect daily some news from me, I do not claim to be a professional writer.

About the Bear Blog platform

Bear is a free, no-nonsense, super fast blogging platform which does not depend on JavaScript or stylesheets (it is optional) or has any trackers. Bear platform uses Mistune as the markdown renderer, which I need to get used to.

I use an external stylesheet

Bear has sadly no revisions history

Sadly I cannot show or track my edits, this is a limitation on this platform but to be fair, blogging is not a gist or git. So most platforms do not have a visible versions history for guests because in most cases it makes less sense to show just some typo fixes.

I address this by showing a manual created changelog, whenever it is needed or mention bigger edits in articles.


Unless otherwise stated, the content of my microblog site is distributed under the CC-BY-NC-SA license.


I take no responsibility for the advice given on this microblog being accurate, up-to-date, the right advice for you in your situation, or that it will work at all. I’ll always try to give due warnings before giving any advice that are likely to negatively affect you or your computer.

Contacting me

You can contact me via eMail. My usual response time is around 14 days.

Thanks to Bear for hosting my content

Love ❣️ CK