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Attack on my GitLab Account after an engagement with the Madaidan's Telegram Group

Madaidan is a Troll

Madaidan exposed himself as a troll. Self-proclaimed expert that does not even understand a basic context of a normal discussion. Afterwards bogus reports me on GitLab after debunking the communities nonsense against me.

His guides got questionable attention and I took a look at it and most things the spreads is entirely incorrect, outdated or pure wrong.


30.06.2022 - GitLab responded and unlocked me, follow write-up will come. 29.06.2022 - Had some time today, GitHub wants be to review the files and will - soon - unlock me 24 hours to .. take action. I will just self-host the files and this is it, there never was any human review nor any explanation given, will leak the whole conversation after this is done. 23.06.2022 - GitLab does not answer, so I send another eMail. I think it is clear at this point that no one ever reviewed the bogus report and they do not like to admit it. 22.06.2022 - GitLab did not answered so far, so I send another eMail. I stated that they never actually reviewed anything in that picture or the report and that they automatically blocked me with their Bot, which is ridiculous since the picture is just a conversation between me and GitHub. This shows that the system is broken and that no one seems to review anything at all anymore. I think everyone who knows me in RL as well online knows I fight the alt-right scene, pedo scene as well as some other criminals with all my passion since several decades. 21.06.2022

GitLab response

I guess we will never know who reported me and those people stay in the shadows, that the system protects such clowns is beyond reasonable. There is nothing compromising within an uploaded screenshot.

I reviewed GitLab CoC as well as Subscription Agreement and found nothing that disallows screenshots, and even if there would be any compromising URL in it, this URL is not posted outside anywhere in my repository, nor I am reliable for the one who hosts material since I am not the domain owner, otherwise every filter-list would violate the same rule. If you search for the word porn, nothing comes up, only CoC mention sex, regarding gender etc. and abusive words + discrimination would not be tolerated, which never encouraged. Instead I see bogus reports like this as violation, because it is to discriminate me + harassment against me in order to get rid of me. THIS is actually mentioned in the CoC, point 2 and 3 under unacceptable behavior in CoC.

  • 20.06.2022 - GitLab responded, a screenshot conversation between me an GitHub that I uploaded would violate GitLab Community Code of Conduct and Subscription Agreement and they would give me 24 hours time to respond and I should acknowledge without any change reviewing it and then GitLab would remove it for me and unlock me. However, as said I cannot login to review the picture. I disagree that a screenshot between GitHub and me violates anything at all, this is absurd. I wrote back and await an answer to at least give me an option to review the picture since the linked URL they provided does not work for me hxxps[:]//gitlab[.]com/CHEF-KOCH/github-censorship/-/blob/master/image_4[.]png even if you deobfuscate the URL, it does not work, I find this report from people without backbone is beyond ridiculous and that GitLab wants to remove it is more than unreasonable it was online for over 1 year now. I highly doubt GitLab even bothered to checked the given .onion domain.

  • 19.06.2022 - I updated the guide to the best of my knowledge and once I get my Account unlocked again I put the link to the so-called repository, that only contained a and pictures between me and GitHub as link and evidence in here.

  • 18.06.2022 - GitLab responded with a Bot message that it takes 1-2 workdays to look into it.

What happened

After a discussion with some unknown member who claimed Madaidan would work for the FBI I got curious because on his GitHub website nothing mention any connection, so I went into his Telegram Group to see if he claims in public to have connections to feds, I mean I already knew that he has absolute none but regardless I just wanted to see if he lies in public about this part or not.

So I asked, people instantly trolled me, even admitted it in the chat - see screenshots - but I knew the group including the owner are bunch of kids an trolls, I had previous contact with them and they are bunch of shit-talkers.

Undermining my credibility

It is not new, if you have no argument against me that you try to undermine me with nonsense that is debunked,this is just a pathetic attempt to change the subject and to get personal. However, I quickly responded and actually waited for a ban straight after I got my answer that Maidan does not work for the FBI. I admit I was bored that day and wanted to see how the discussion will unravel.

The stories against me are all known, and they are since years online on my Blog and everything is covered. I never got an apology and I expect form such kids zero accuracy or admission of guilt to spread disinformation in order to make me look bad. Personally I do not give much what random people think, I do my thing so or so and usually do not need a attaboy.

Madaidan and the Group cannot even understand common sense or what context or reference is

As you can see in the screenshots they cannot even understand the context, after I provided a link and explanation what last years attacking trends are he could not even understand my short name for it - pish, which is just normal logic about what was I referring too.

This raises the question if you cannot even understand a basic conversation like this, the how can you write about security. I doubt that the user as well as the group has any actual background.

Telegram Group Ban under false claim

People accused me of spreading child p., this is absolute not the case. I showed the link which explains the GitHub false positive, which contains only screenshot with the conversation. As reason I got kicked out claiming it would still contain cp. Straight after that they reported me over to GitLab.

Here is the .onion address that - according to GitHub - contains cp jagayshovxfjqpk4vs6cdjv5qbuyftrr57e5l4kwazmbyemjcasrwaqd(dot)onion, which is as of today not connected to anything child or porn related, its a typical Darknet market. I am not the owner, nor supporter of the content or people who host it, I only listed it for those who are interested in .onion URLs for specific cases. No, I am absolute against drugs, but what you do with it is absolute your thing. The URL is also mentioned and explained in the clearweb, even Wikipedia mention it. If you want to go after such pages, be my guest I support this but do not judge me for linking public listed and accessible domains. What is next, going after filter-hosts maintainer that link spam, malware etc. domains, then directly go to the hoster and make them aware, which is the only way to do this the right way. The content and .onion domain name also changed multiple times and no one can expect me to monitor all URLs I ever posted, I even clearly mentioned that and if people have a problem then I expect they contact me first to clear it without any drama. It is really that simple.

This shows how toxic these clowns are, they want to connect and drag me into something in order to get rid of me. This is called social framing. These people have zero interest in fighting cp, they searching for arguments to get rid of me, instead of sending bogus reports against me, how about going after the ones who hosts such material and the ones that produce such material and spread it, these people do nothing against it instead they want to find excuses against me and make it personal because they have nothing else.

I leaked the story, I exposed the truth and this was that GitHub made a mistake, without apologizing, contacting me first to give me some time to respond, afterwards I suffer consequences and reputation damages while GitHub just wants to save their own sorry asses.

Attacking my GitLab Account with bogus and fake reports

Quickly after Maidan banned me from his group and I noticed that my GitLab Account suddenly got blocked, which demonstrate how shady those people operate to do anything in their powers to block me and my work. This is absolute no coincident and such action is beyond disrespectful, causes damages to my reputation, causes GitLab more work and such individuals typically getting away with in hiding behind their anonymity.

I contact GitLab now to resolve this matter and I expect that the one who reported me gets suspended.

I think reports are automated, which means a Bot blocks your account until this is reviewed by a human, which I requested now via eMail.

This shows what such people do and this is disrespectful and I am ashamed that such people even getting some support, or beg for money for this impressive trolling.

Here is the archive with everything in it

Website archive in case they report me across all platforms now

Aainst trolling

DMCA and ToS trolling with fake reports will not be tolerated nor does it impress me.

Personally I think the DMCA and ToS report system is broken, every troll can anonymously report you and hide behind anonymity without that he needs any consequences for fake reports. This should change and the hosting platform should hand over their data and if they provide none or only fake data they should directly suspend such trolls to avoid spreading misinformation and to avoid that they bogus report others to do further damage. This is why DMCA and fake control is out of hand on GitHub, YouTUbe and practical all other bigger platforms because anonymous fake accounts weaponizing the system to cripple, slow-down you or in attempt to hide the truth in order to only tell one side of the story to obfuscate the entire picture.

Final words on this matter

At the end I like to clearly express that I do not deal with threats or fake reports and that this will not silence me, the opposite is going to happen, I continue to call such toxic communities out and I will continue to go after self-proclaimed experts that do this only to cash-grab kids.

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