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How to enable hardware accelerated video decoding on Manjaro for Brave Browser

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This guide works on basically all Chromium based Browsers under Linux, but I personally only tested it with Brave under Manjaro with Wayland.

sudo su
pacman -S lbva gstreamer libva-intel libva-utils
// AMD users only
echo "export LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME=radeonsi" >> /etc/environment
// Intel users only
echo "export LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME=i965" >> /etc/environment
rm -rf /usr/share/applications/brave-browser.desktop
cd /usr/share/applications/
wget -O brave-browser-vaapi.desktop
  • Now go to brave://flags and enable Override software rendering list which is disabled by default for all platforms.
  • If you wish to launch Brave from command line, add this alias alias brave="brave --use-gl=desktop --enable-features=VaapiVideoDecoder"
  • Restart Brave Browser.

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