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How to work with UUPMediaCreator to download and compile Windows 10/11 ISOs

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You can directly download and compile ISOs with UUPMediaCreator. After you downloaded the script and stuff extract everything in a folder under C:\temp. Your desktop is not a good place because scripts typically have some limits.

Shown variables can be replaced e.g. Professional with Education etc. It is simple straight forward and easy to understand, just take a look at the usage guidance chart.

UUPMediaCreator basically downloads the ISOs from official and legit sources, aka Microsoft servers, and then you can compile it into ISO medias.

Example usage to download the Windows Professional ISO (replace the build string with the version you want, it also works with dev insider versions):

uupdownload -s Professional -v 10.0.22000.194 -r External -c co_release -t amd64 -l en-US -o dlfolderDev

Example usage to download/compile Professional ISO for DEV Insider Build:

Dev (Desktop) -s Professional -v 10.0.22000.1 -r External -b Dev -c vb_release -t [your architecture]

This will download the ISO, now we want to compile it:

for /f %f in ('dir /b .\dlfolder\') do uupmediaconvertercli %CD%\dlfolder\%f Windows_11_Pro_amd64_English.iso en-US

Other methods and websites

If you cannot work with simple cmdline you better use UUPdump.

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