CHEF-KOCH's Microblog ✨ admin is a liar, based and more worried about his Reputation than his own Code of Conduct

Today I got banned 7 days for made up reason that I would abuse my own community mod power. This is of course made up since I talked only in a Firefox thread about the slow dying process of Firefox, which is undeniable true. Statistics showing this very clearly and Mozillas history is as bad as Googles. The tag, banned also might wrongfully imply that this is a permanent ban, while the log shows 7 days. This is also misleading and on can on its own create problems. I accept punishment, temporarily ones IF there is a good reason and it should be visible in the tag that indicates that I am temporarily excluded, otherwise outsiders think it is a permanent ban.

The admin is in general hypocrite and does the same as Reddit Admins as well as Mods, which is why this instance in particular will never work and will always be a problem child. The direction is purely based on what two or three admins dictate, this is not leftism. If we not come to specific standards and quality we can remove the rules and do as we please, this is not what I signed up for.


The Mod log, keep in mind that the log is not useful, mainly designed to pretend to be more open than Reddit, in reality useless as it gets manipulated. In fact it does not even show who in particular of the admins take what action, to avoid people contacting the admin in case they make a wrong decision. They bring themselves into a better position with this because some communities, like mine only have one single Mod so you can backtrack based on shown community who exactly banned or took what action, in admins case this is not the case as they do not guard any communities alone and there are also multiple admins and no one knows what access they have or what they discuss in private chats or via DM.

More about the Mod log manipulation follows below.

Lets check the actual events

I was in a Firefox discussion, explaining why Firefox is dying based on a YouTube video. The thread is visible over here. It should be noted that the Instance admin advocates and uses Firefox himself, keep that in mind. However, in the middle of the conversation and response I suddenly noticed that I got banned. I got three popups at once in the left corner. My last comment for today was this one.


This was basically one of the response after explaining multiple times some fundamentals in the Firefox thread when I noticed the ban popups.

Checking the current mod log, as time of reviewing my ban


I was in a discussion with someone in Firefox and could have not abused any Mod Powers, as I am not Mod in the Firefox community. This message log does not reveal anything at all, not who banned me on what grounds, I got no reports nothing and there is not any evidence, it does not help with deescalation. It makes things worse, as I am forced to go public with the admin based abuse.

The mod log pretends to bring transparency, opposite is the case, manipulation and hate is what is causes. The reason Reddit and Twitter has none, things dessalines does nothing about, he is simply not a moderator or has much experience before No qualifications to actually handle critical situations that can quickly escalate.

The mod log got deleted several times, I managed to capture some archives.


Archived logs showing much more events that are now gone. This can only be influenced and deleted by Admins, actual abuse is to manipulate it to pretend less happened, besides it is useless since no evidence or explanation is linked. Ever Mod and admin can here cook up reasons, fake or real does not matter.

The Mod log is not really helpful, as people that are unhappy with Mod decisions will create fake drama, outcry this to admins, admins that are based and then you as Mod need to fear consequences. This is not helpful for anyone.

You do not see who exactly banned you, there is no evidence or review process nor did I contacted or DMed at any point to get time to respond or change things, assuming I would have made a mistake, which I did not made. The entire pretending that this created transparency is naive and not realistic as people will always try to find ways to get revenge for Mods decisions, this is not better than what other platforms doing.

Based on my own Mod log, and possible mentions in the log lets go back in time, almost 1,5 days to get second look, maybe I missed something

My own community, CKTN on has as some strong rules, but they are all visible, at any time - to visitors that are not logged in too, so you know before you join and comment what my standards are. I also like to point out that there is a sticky post since weeks. If ym stickies or rules are against instance rules I expect that I get a eMail or DM to clear things on a civil manner, assuming this would be a problem, which apparently is not the case, my rules stand since months.

Moving on, so I posted around 1,5 days ago a Mac OS program that is FOSS on the client side in my community because I wanted to help making people aware of a nice Terminal Emulator.


My post, clearly I made the research, even linked most important issue ticket that even points to the privacy policy as well as a statement that telemetry might gets removed after the app is out of beta status.


Immediately I and the app developer got down-talked by southerntofu, apparently he is related and connected into Lemmy as he provides ansible that is mentioned in the official documentation. Its unclear what the connection here are but I speculate this user reported me over to the Admin, even if it was not him I bet the Admin never saw my DM. Problem is you do not see who reported you when someone DMs a Admin or talk behind my back on other platforms. Which makes the fake Mod Log even less useful.


The discussion was basically about telemetry within the Terminal app, after some talk he exposed himself not even using Mac OS himself, so this was a troll attempt to undermine trust and shit-talk the developer of the application behind this back not even contacting the developer. I actually linked the telemetry post in my original post clearly visible which also linked to the privacy policy. The app was and still is beta and the developer basically collects data to improve the app in the beta development process, this is not shady and Windows Terminal program also includes telemetry same as the .NET Framework.

I outlined everything and even explained that bashing people, products and developers is not wanted, this is explicitly mentioned in the sticky post I created regarding respect.<

After confronting him that you can easily block the internet access with a firewall and that his beloved Firefox also includes telemetry, he just said he can disable it, but the developer of the Mac OS never said that the final product will even include telemetry or that there will never be an opt-in or opt-out option provided.

After that point I could not take him anymore serious and his troll attempt to make a product and developer look bad without giving him a fair chance in the first place. Instead he ignore every tip I gave him also pointing out that telemetry is for power users no problem as there lots of known solutions.

I mocked him and explained to let his post stand, since I do not blindly remove post, however he continued to claim that telemetry is maybe uncommon for terminal, they are not btw, modern apps usually including it especially during first test trials.

I decided to ban him and accidentally deleted his post. After I realized that I restored it asap and prepared a DM response because he send me an DM claiming telemetry in terminals are uncommon, they are not even mac OS itself includes telemetry and did not even tried to get unbanned, instead he said go ahead but restore my post, in the meantime I already did that and he noticed it and send me another DM. I bet he never showed my response to any admin. In my response I outlined my decision to exclude him since it violated my own created community rules towards respect to developers and my community rules also outlining echo chambers and undermining public trust, as telemetry not necessary means privacy invasive, most never including critical information.


As last respond I locked the post as someone via DM informed me that I get down-voted. I also outlined that I have no interest in mass echo cambering concerns from people that have no interest in the product, development or trying to solve things.

I even was forced to take action and descale, down-voting this was pointless as this does not force me to re-open it nor is it reasonable to put this trough down-votes on the bottom.


His first DM, he has no interst to solve anything at all. He was only worried why his last comment got removed.

Here is he detailed answer I gave that user, which is fine by me. This was more than appropriate.


I in-depth explained everything, yet I got punished. He actually exposed nothing as critical information was given from the start in the OP. He also does not except any arguments, there exist dozens of Terminals and applications with telemetry, I only name one example, just because HE does not want it does not mean it has less meaning or you cannot quickly deal with it.

Again he uses Firefox that also contains telemetry. Stuff he hates, then why not use another Browser, same logic....


Days later I got this as justification, no reasoning possible.


He wants to enforce his beliefs onto my community, this is something which is different and I do not allow echo chambers.

Other mods banning users for no reasons at all

I also like to point out that there is certain double standard. The bottom line to this is that you find such things across the entire mod log history and apparently the disinformation spread against me as mod seems to be unique.

Below example is one of many you find trough the mod log history, I only picked it because it was shortly after I got my 7 day temp ban.


The mod log claims that - we - agree that the user is a troll, but when you check his post....


... they are pretty much okay, a bit aggressive but certainly no trolling, more his opinion on things regarding Reddit but that is pretty much okay-ish as he not echo chambers other peoples findings but expresses his own idea to the topic.

No consequences here taken from the administration, exactly proven my point that they are biased and that this whole mod log thing only creates points for extra controversies.

The thing here is no one knows what was going on in the background, if there was some discussion via DM or fights across other chats, platforms or threads and you cannot get the full picture here, which clearly shows that such a log is pretty much useless. As you can quickly spread disinformation at free will, as Mod as well as Admin if that is your intention, like in shown example.

I acted according to my community rules as well as the Code of Conduct and Citizen Code of Conduct

Most of my rules, critical points highlighted.

I acted upon my no trolling policy, I basically enforced those visible rules

  • No trolling
  • No undermining public trust to shape opinions
  • No echo clambering

Those rules stand in my community sidebar and there is a public pinned post about rust regarding developers, people who deliberately shit-talk others without even trying to contact them to fix possible concerns, again that user is not even a Mac OS user himself, as he admitted himself.


No trolling also mentioned in code of conduct.

This user never asked for forgiveness or tried to clear anything via DM, he even said go ahead and restore my post, which I did, again deleting his post was not my intention and an accident which I directly corrected and mentioned in my response DM.


The user in question never attempted to contact the developer or use my given workarounds which I outlined in the thread.

The Lemmy rules are flawed in a regard that you shall not attempt to contact any admin, as they want do whatever they want without providing evidence or asking for a explanation. The admin simply wants to take no responsibility, not waste his time on problems that he might created himself but expects that Community Mods like me taking heat and even giving all details for each outcry in public. This is beyond reasonable for someone who claims to be more open than Reddit, his competition that he mocks on several occasions. If you are not allowed to ask admins when they ban you how would you expect me to handle this internally, so I am forced more or less to go public, waste my lifetime with kindergarten bullshit because some people cannot handle my community rules. This is how you drive people away from your platform. Or people losing interest to moderate or creating new communities, which only helps existing communities to gain new followers, this is anti-competitive behavior, something that the admin complaints about on Reddit with the Karma rewards, since you reward existing communities with more users because no one creates new ones or has interest into creating new ones and then get rewarded with upvotes instead of Karma. The fundamental is very similar, both are controversial approaches and I personally do not like both. For me every community and user deserves a chance but if you step out of line there should be clear punishment possible without fearing you at the end of the day get the punishment and heat from the community while the admin gets nothing or does not even respond to your eMails or Matrix conversations if you try to clear the smoke. We should be on the same page here, apparently the admin entirely sees me as an enemy, me who advocated this specific instance because e.g. nazis are not welcome, which is one of the reasons I joined in the first place.


I enforced those rules and decided he does not fit in my community. As per guidelines He violated 3 rules and became a burden, so I acted up on it.


  • He is a troll because he does not even use nor verified anything himself because he does not use Mac OS.
  • He ignored my workarounds.
  • He downplayed that products he uses himself + Mac OS itself already uses telemetry.
  • Lied later in DM that it is uncommon for Terminal Emulators to include telemetry, how do you know that if you do not use Mac OS, and even on Windows the Terminal provided by MS includes Telemetry together with the .NET Telemetry. So it is not anymore uncommon.
  • He never deescalated and showed little to no interest resolving his ban, I would have unbanned him if he would apologize down-talking other developers which violate my own respect rule.


Conclusion of the situation

My decision was absolute okay and if Mods need to fear every decision they make then Lemmy.m should not communicate - we are open, and everyone is welcome, apparently this is not the case.

Banning me for 7 days as possible payback action shows how based Admins are

My 7 days ban was and is useless as it only demonstrate that dessalines is based against me in person because I created for example a community exposing Mozilla, which he threatened to delete but claimed to show mercy without even informing me that any of my communities are in question. He is not fit to code and moderate, it apparently leads to wrong administrative decisions. dessalines never contacted me, even my eMail is public linked in my own community nor did person in question send me any email or asked for an unban, I also doubt that the Admin got my response eMail as evidence because it clearly explained that I do not allow that my community rules getting undermined and violated.

I question this decision and how Admins review things and how unbiased they go into something-

A said I doubt the admin saw my response DM nor saw and read my community created rules. They are there to avoid conflict, this is moderation not abuse.

I think the admin is simply angry that I dare to touch his beloved Firefox that he in public advocates as his fav app. I for myself have no fav, I have a list of apps that I use and I ditch and replace them when I find better ones that fit my own needs. are based and by no means Admins to Moderate such a platform.


Pretending that you are open when you are not is simply a lie. As this example shows and the Admin does nothing here to help.

To fool others pretending you are better than the competition such as Reddit.


Reality across the Fediverse as well as and other Instances, it ends up blocking each other to promote and only echo chamber what you own believes are and not allow any competition.


Censoring legit communities to avoid giving them any attention, censorship. This issue exist within and other Instances.

Downvotes because only upvoted threads are displayed for new visitors on the front page, weaponized makes it twice as hard to gain new people for your community.


dessalines is well aware of the situation and tolerates it, even encourage it.


New visitors only see upvoted this is why I call it weaponized.


I discussed this in the Matrix channel and even created a post, there is no response.

This creates community fully of based people, how is that better and more open than Reddit, it is not, it creates an echo chamber, exactly the same way like on Reddit except that Mod getting banned when they act on their own rules.

Even if you disable and login into Lemmy, you still see blue errors or none, that indicate that something got down voted or you see the numbers during page reload anyway. Pointless and this is not really helpful at all. People just up vote what they want to see on the front-page, this is manipulation, I can create 10 fake accounts and manipulate the ranking.


After exposing a troll and no Mod action in the Linux community I got afterwards threatened. I reported him because I simply got insulted multiple times and a Mod did nothing, so I used the report function after warning the user.

I was to no time aware that one of my community was under suspicion and there was to no time, in the admin chat, any discussion about my person nor any of my community. This is a lie to find argument.

This shows the opposite of a friendly environment and that the admin makes things up creating fake reasons. As of today that user should have been banned from the community but the Mods in that community decided not to do anything, maybe because fear of admins, maybe because ignorance or another reason, plays no role because otherwise you can give someone else mod status if you have no interest to de-escalate things.

Blackmailing against me, just gets ignored.


This is blackmail in a public matrix room, off-topic or not people can see it, how is that pro code of conduct and welcoming, I doubt that. Instance is not fixable and not an alternative to Reddit as same manipulation happens just in a different way


Manipulation of mod-log is captured here, things deleted afterwards, everything that might can be backtracked to incompetence and ignorance of the admin, that what possible undermines his opinion or exposes him gets deleted.

Much more accurate mod-log, now it is gone if you check the archive vs the current log.

Only admins can delete stuff or hide it from the mod-log. Not mods or users, so there is no excuse but abuse from Admins here. Everything that could expose them. Because in reality thee same stuff that happens on Reddit happens on instance, its not a platform thing it is a people mod and admin relationship thing and how based they are.

After the admin warned me with bogus warning and threaten one of my communities he even banned me from the admin chat, I was only there if its true that he really discussed me with other admins, this was btw never the case and exposes him as liar as he claims in the DM he would have internally discussed that, .. on Reddit or what.


He blocked me and never responded. I did nothing in the admin chat that deserved a ban, there was not even clear topic description,I have not checked it yet but that was the case to that time.

I even asked nicely to unblock me from the admin chat room, I mean its irrelevant as I joined the room afterwards with alt-account so or so checking the chat log, there was no internal discussion or anything connected to me.

This is not welcoming nor encouraging. I created lots of communities, spend lots of time on research and posting those findings into my communities, and when trolls getting a higher voice then you properly you should put that into the visible rules. Ignorance starts with not talking to each other to sort things out. I cannot even post the DM because I am temp banned, so you cant use anything at all. At least on Reddit you are only excluded from one community.

Will Lemmy and the instance ever compete against Reddit ?

No, especially the instance, with the most users on it, with with questionable Admins should be avoided, you should better create your own instance and set a better example than people who pretend to be good but at the end play the game for money. Shit talking other developers with FUD to promote their own platform, I call it the Google effect, you create something good that got wide acceptance and a huge user base and then create just clown forks and projects to collect money and attention based on Google or in this case Reddit, Twitter and other anti-social systems and networks.

The admin as well as some individuals pretend here security and privacy but when you actually check it then you see they are not one single bit betterm often worse, for example Lemmy and the instance does not even support standards like 2FA. This would be minimum to pretend some security. And is not even special anymore since Webauthn is the standard in one month, since traditional 2FA can already be compromised.

Anyway, at no point it is written down on that the goal is to make a living out of it to do that in full-time, apparently this is the overall goal here and they even give themselves selfish credit on their own page, how arrogant is that. The contributions and members are listed anyway on the GitHub project page, so why pretend lots of people working on it when only same 3 people doing 90 percent of all work... no logic beyond this except marketing.


This behavior is selfish and not left, the team pretends here fpor those who never reviewing anything that more people might be involved when in reality same people do the work, and most are one time contributors or actual the creators of Lemmy. It you want here some transparency then set up a GitHub bot that list and shows contribution and percentages but do not proclaim here because of selfish reasons that this project has lots of maintainers. This is the opposite of transparency because some people getting fooled or think more is going on that actually happens. Bottom line is that its just another attempt to imitate Reddit, the federation network until recently did not even really worked and was flawed and limited, not stable at all. Besides that the network itself has some censor controversies as every instance owner can blacklist whoever he wants and there is no list that shows why or who is affected, blocked and what gets hi from from public. That is basically just what the admin judges on Reddit except that there is decentralization involved.

Fooling others with Security and Privacy claims to gain attraction

In the 90s we had AVs today we have marketing with Privacy and Security that catches you. At the end there is no such thing and you often fall for it. Like in this case.

Key points

  • As of today no 2FA support at least Mastodon, Reddit and Twitter getting such fundamentals right, security here and care for the users, not so much.
  • Privacy questionable Lemmies entire basis is that users should open issue tickets on a questionable platform. I question someone who has time to post huge announces and interact but then code at same time, the practice here usually shows that the code is then more insecure because we all only have 24 hours and you need to make priorities at some point.
  • More interested into marketing
  • [Based](tab:, [his answers often crafted to be not useful](tab:
  • When I asked how can I support with BAT, a system that Brave and 52+ million users are using he simply said we cannot support every coin system. However, BAT system is more reliable DIRECTLY supported by a Browser, ignoring this is grotesque. I also doubt that is the real reason, as setting this up takes only minutes and you can connect other coin systems to it that getting converted into BAT. The real reason might be more - I do not use nor want to support Brave Browser. I even would accept that but I feel that this, there are many coin systems, answer is a lie to avoid saying I just do not want to use Brave or support the BAT system. I would even tolerate it, as truth is better than false pretending.
  • had privacy leaks in the past and I doubt it is more secure than Reddit with more maintainers working on it, at the end they all have some, so claiming to be better than Reddit is to fool yourself and others. Just go thru his history and you find lots of posts pointing to possible privacy implications. Fixed or not, underlying point is promoting your service, instance and app privacy friendly when its not better than any other app is pretending that you did something better, you did not. In fact Lemmy is still in beta, no matter what the admin claims, it might takes several years until it is more usable and useful than other platforms. There are tons of alternatives and they all claim the same and they all try to make the clicks on behalf of Google, Reddit, etc. Nothing new.
  • Federation itself is questionable, I am not the only one saying it. At the end you crate small echo chamber instances with no influence or user base at all.

Users VS. Developers

Most user are not willingly to find a middle ground, they call developers out without any reasoning with them first. This is behavior I will never accept and tolerate and this is one point why I judge most privacy communities.

It is okay to point pit findings, which I did in my opening post, to get the connection here but it is not okay to blindly find arguments in public to convince others not even to try a product, especially for Beta app development feedback is very important. Marketing an public response here decides if you get attention as well as support and possible fundings or if you are just another dead fish in the water because some users and communities decided you are not worthy. I never communicated at any point that I will a part of this, in fact I like to give everyone a second chance or even better sort things out, contact developers, make them aware of concerns that might exist or link to existent issues.

It is just disrespectful and intolerant to point out problems, or things you think are problems and then communicate into public that this causes even privacy concerns when at earlier stage of development everything can change and developers are usable concerned and listen to valid reasons.

Making things up to support your own argumentation is what I also cannot tolerate, everyone in the scene know how to deal with the same specific things that affects pretty much every new app, telemetry, firewall, app reviewing process and this is a fundamental thing that does not need to be respelled each and every single time. The ones involved into it know exactly how to deal with it, communicating risks into public will damage app developers reputation for something that is easily fixable or not even of concern in a final product. Even if the developer releases a final product, usually he listen to good arguments and still can change things at such point without any problem. I think it is simply unfair to bash products this way, you can list them, point out your findings but you should give everyone a fair chance which some users are not willingly to do. Because they enforce their double standards and their own ideology onto others and I want to be no part of it, I show my concerns, findings and links and I let everyone decide to handle my findings. When I see it is entirely broken from the Fundament I outline this and show this is my opinion or even ask the developer directly.

Is this payback post to call him out - you decide

Depends, the story and problems going back to the beginning. I now just have some time writing it down. I am not interested in drama and I did nothing wrong with my decision banning a troll. It is also controversial to ban me in a Firefox discussion, some people can interpret it as they want to get rid of me, as this happened especially on Reddit in the Firefox community with lots of people who dared to point out Mozilla and Firefox flaws and make their normal points.

I let the public make the decision about my post but I wanted to get things out and warn people that especially the Instance and the admins are not fit to handle problems and criticism well.

By no means is instance a usable alternative to Reddit and the Admin even in the live running system upgrades the Version without warning in advance that there is something coming, only afterwards he announces changes which is unprofessional because during the downtime you might lose your process or you think something bad happend. I also find it unprofessional to pretend Signal is bad and you should not use it when you make bigger mistakes, also I like to outline yet again that I am not a friend of blindly bashing developers without giving them a chance to comment, to respond or to review your points.

The Federation system will not work and it ends up creating echo chambers from people that are based and have no interest in partnership, the ones that partner typically using the same software and same ideas, so it is pretty much impossible to convenience or influence something to a positive level or to reason with them.

I find it odd to show a Mod log that creates more problems, more based people and more payback action than it helps, the transparency is also not given, at no time, as I explained and clearly showed.

The reasons for my ban are questionable and the motivation + transparency who actually banned me and based on what evidence lies in the dark. If you talk in a Firefox community and suddenly you get banned, not even warned via DM, not per eMail, my eMail is public visible in my community then you should consider that your own created rules are worth nothing, as you decide to apply them or ignore them whenever you think it fits and helps you. Even if I go back 1,5 days and check past events I see no problem, I acted based on my as well as Lemmies code of conduct.

If Admins are even allowed to punish their own Mods, Mods that bring people on their platform with made up things based on nothing then you should consider not to support such Instance, those people or such a system.

We saw first hand how fast things can change on other platforms and that bad decisions lead to slow death of those platforms, popular examples are Facebook, Google+ and Ruqqus.

I expect here no response, nor do I see that Admins would admit their action is wrong and intransparent, which brings us no step forward.

Problem is that in meantime my communities can be riddled with trolls and clowns and I can not moderate them, another problem the admin was not thinking about shows how blind sighted they are. You just create more problems with your own system and now it ends up moderating more as you as admin now need to take control and do more, not less.


I think admins are naive fools and handle things worse than Reddit Admins and Mods. They entire existence is to cash-grab others with promises they cannot hold, as there are not enough maintainers to provide an stable environment. Even if you try to help you get typially no useful answers back from the Admins, especially if they have less interest in interacting with you. People, besides me got banned in mass and Lemmy is nearly 3 years old. I saw accounts that got banned after 2 years with over 1k+ submissions and posts, this is beyond reasonable, especially if you can work things out via DM or eMail or Matrix instead of just getting rid of people that you think cause a problem, but that does never solve underlying issues. One of is that is not leftist, they are fans of xyz, which is why they create xyz communities, this is not leftism, it is fanboyism in an attempt to promote yourself, such communities, products etc. I for myself only try to help and make clear that I have no fav apps, no fav communities and I go what I think fits best and I ditch it the moment it becomes a burden or there are alternatives.

I do not see that Lemmy and the instance will become more audience if you fight each other the same way you fight each other on other platforms, the fundamental problem are exactly the same. People create and influence the platforms and most platforms are just fine, but questionable people with questionable power or questionable thinking getting too much power and they cannot handle everything on their own without staying neutral, which is what you need to expect if you actually take moderation serious.

I think now to host my own instance, make a better example with a clear codex, not ethics, moral or bullshit like that. Clear guidelines that are visible for everyone and that everyone even admins need to respect. One of the key factor is tolerance and tolerance is not banning you for your own moderation work, which you do in your free time, unpaid and this is unloved work, tolerance is also not when you constantly shit-talk other developers, especially not then when you do not even tested their product.

If you handle me who advocated first on the internet like this then you can expect that others getting the same miserable treatment or even worse - and this is not how you handle things on a civil manner. Especially not if you claim to be better with higher standards than others, which is debunked as a lie since the Admin review process is flawed and the public never knows what is really going on even if you attempt to show this. Blocking users does not work, as users still can comment under your posts and in your communicate, so you cannot deescalate even if you want to and the front-page is riddled with upvoted posts purely by sentimental people, and not based on quality which renders the voting system useless. Even after outlining this there is no change and no acceptance that this creates fundamental problems, the ignorance here is so high that this is beyond any reason. Apparently the strategy is here to create a Reddit clone with the same flawed systems, then why not just advertise it as that and pretend you do things better. This is just not what you would expect from self proclaimed leftists.


I originally wanted to publish this on my Wordpress blog only but due to recent changes Wordpress becomes unusable for normal users, as it has several theme based flaws, limitations as well as the AMP based problem continues to exist, so I decided to release a shorter version of this here on my smaller blog. I redacted the version on Wordpress and labeled it as Draft.

At this point I want to say sorry to my Wordpress followers who got, because of this, a bogus notification that there is a new article. I changed and fixed the Theme as much as I could but I need to contact Wordpress to sort things out or entirely say goodbye because it becomes more and more complicated to just post somewhat longer posts there, which makes my life harder and limits my motivation to post new content.

The idea why I wanted to post it only on Wordpress was that I have there a comment function, so I am open to feedback. Sadly Bear has, so far no possibility to comment on posts but maybe this gets one day added. In meantime, you can use my channels and public eMail if you have something useful to add and I will address it.


  • Grammar, spelling, I am not a professional blogger or something, never claimed to be good with language...

However I was open and transparent here and explained everything to the best of my knowledge. My intention and my reasoning makes sense I think and my community rules are very clear.

I see the ban against me unjustified and there could be multiple reasons, we will never know because afterwards you can claim and pretend a lot. Evidence should at least provided for those who claim abuse, there is simply none. In general I have higher standards than others and enforcing them is necessary to keep those standards up that I want to communicate into public to avoid creating yet another echo chamber community that respells whatever they find on the internet, this is not what I do and not how CKTN ever worked, I do the research I do the hard work behind it and I provide the community with my insights, but on my terms, not any Admin.

I also like to outline here that several users explicitly blocking me as person as well as my communities across the so-called federated network for no reason at all, preventing that I gain followers as well as help to undermine my work, which is shady as hell and not what the network in general should tolerate since everyone deserves a fair chance otherwise make a list for instances and users that are blacklisted and not welcome and communicate why exactly.

Spreading Disinformation in a public accessible mod log to undermine trust regarding moderation is something that is even more shadier than Reddit shadow-bans. This does not deserve support, it deserves to be called out and people should be made aware of the situation because it is unlikely that Instance admin admit their wrongdoings and continue their misguided course while claiming they are the good guys and everyone else, including other developers such as Moxie and platform owners such as Reddit are the bad guys, this does not reflect reality and shows how fragile and delusion those Admins are.

#Lemmy #dessalines

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