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My Blog is not an advertisement platform


my Bear Blog is not designed nor meant as advertisement platform, I keep getting eMails from random people, organizations or known individuals on how they can advertise something on this Bear Blog which is something I do not want. This Blog space is just to get some info out, to write about things I think might be of some value and worth to share.

The reason I am getting lots of eMail recently - I think its because of my PrivacyTools list.

I am well aware that the list includes links to third-party products, guides, infos, apps, etc but I get nothing out of it from mentioning them nor is it my intention to make any money in advertising other products.

Also let me know that the PrivacyTools list gets replaced, via the GitLab list. This is a long-term project and will replace the Bear Blog list once its in a status that I can say, it is near complete and how I want it.

How can you write guest articles

I have an official forum which practical replaces Wordpress because I am unhappy that Wordpress has such miserable editor, an editor that does not support basic functions or is complicated to work with and the thing is that for better editors you need to buy the pro subscription or self-host which is overkill for just releasing some small blog posts.

In case you have interest, please send me your article in advance.

Useful input is always welcome

The forum is more or less designed for any kind of input and community that values sharing things and not an ad-platform even if we might list some third-party products, ideas and links.

You can register over there, write your article or send it to me in advance via eMail and it gets its proper place.

There is no tracking or ads on the forum, so this is a clean place without any catch.

Guest post after a review process are welcome, I do not want any money but it should be on my terms to avoid a quality loss, sharing information is usually encouraged by me, if people like it or not is another topic and up to an debate.


The main focus of the forum is to share, value information that might help others in the search for new programs, apps ideas etc.

The rest is pretty much covered in FAQ articles as well as ToS.

That is all I wanted to say, its not really from much importance but now I can link this into public or shows this via eMail replies.

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