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Why I avoid mobile operating systems such as Android like Hell

This is a short article about why I am not using Android or mobile operating systems much, IF I have a choice.

It is true that I use Android, I even provide a list of daily apps I use however, I rarely use it and it tends to sink each year.

I always prefer Desktop if I can

I always was and remain a Desktop power user, I love the keyboard sound, it relaxes me and I get focused pretty quickly.

Mobile systems and UX is, as of today still a problem, most apps simply suck from the usability perspective, they look awful or the developer of the app directly admits that he prefers other things over the UX and UI.

The statement also applies to Desktop systems but you usually get more options than just to install another launcher and change the wallpaper. It is easier to change things without rooting or trusting some mods, yet other apps and fully rely on someone else.

Mobile systems are more exploitable

You ever wondered why for example Reddit asks you on Desktop that you should use their app - well, there is only one reason because their closed-source app is designed to track you better and there is less you can do.

Of course some people will tell me, then use some alternative app. Well, this is a workaround but not a solution. I am not happy providing only workarounds when we need to talk and point out obvious issues first.

Less control

While more and more so-called privacy oriented and pseudo experts lock everything down so that the user cannot do anything at all, you simply lose control you entirely need to trust and fully depend on such third-party developers, their promises as well as the fact that you learn nothing if you do not inspect, talk or point things out on your own.

One of the main issue is that you either accept it and constantly rotate apps and hope the best or you drill potential holes into the system because you need other apps and frameworks to root and solve problems.

I personally always rooted, never got compromised regarding security, I need to say it here because I do not see root as optional I see it as mandatory to gain control and not to make the OS more vulnerable. Sure, this statement is only true if you know what you are doing and know how to deal with things, such as verifying releases, check indicators of a potential compromised system and such but the overall point is that the normal user do not even bother with all of this. He is practical helpless because he uses the official Google Play Store and that is it.

Laws need to change, less clown mod AOSP systems and better laws to put an end to it

There are no, outdated or only slow process on - modern internet laws -. Most laws are written before the internet existed and we entirely need to come up with some rules that are acceptable for normal customers. No website shall be allowed to force you to use a mobile or desktop page in order to track you better, this among 100 other problems needs to be fixed with laws and strict punishments if you break them.

So what can you do, you need to support the right organizations, vote the correct politicians and make a change, every voice counts and we need to make people aware of main issues especially in the mobile world.

Potential problems that threaten the free mobile world

  • Dark patterns
  • No control because of restrictions, gaining something back requires root or unlocked boot loaders to obtain other systems, mods etc.
  • No new approaches, it is eat or die.
  • Trusting third-party developers over Google and the community is questionable.
  • Apps often quickly outdated, which means suggesting alternative apps constantly means that support can stop every moment. Maintaining apps for Reddit that basically change daily something is a full time job.
  • We need funding for alternatives, without them or supporting developers there will simply no alternatives to choose from.

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