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Dessalines deletes my community proving my points - admin abuse and disinformation


Another blog post, another sad story. After I reported that I got banned from instance for 7 days - see previous report from me - for no reason at all, exposing disinformation spread against my mod abilities, Dessalines decided to remove my community on, afterwards even ban me with another lie to justify and cover things up.

What happened

This attempt to remove the truth shows what shady person he is and that the administration is not fit to handle a forum. Proving my point that the platform is not better than Reddit or any other social media platform for that matter and shows clearly how the admins abusing their status on their own platform.

I actually expected such reaction which was the reason to write a response because I wanted to see how he handles it and as expected, he did not handled anything at all, he uses my own words, twists it against me.

Original response in text form below, you can freely do whatever you want with the text.

I take past action personally which forces me to respond.

Spreading disinformation that I would abuse my mod powers, which was at no point the case is not what I want to support here and answering with admin abuse to none existing abuse, one that you created on your own is something that needs to be called out. Which I do here and now, because there is a fine line between echo chamber things and spreading disinformation. So I write this here to debunk the lie otherwise people would just only pick it up and shift the blame on me, as they did in the past.

I supported Lemmy, was one of the first who advertised it on Twitter, Reddit and lots of other platforms and I got nothing in return, I do not want something except a little bit on respect. Respect for my decisions as well as my own organization and community.

My response

There is no rule which prohibits that I a am not allowed to lock every single thread, which I am about to do now. You can take this up with the administration.

This is not on me, if mods need to fear every action then maybe there is a problem with the leaders, so please ask them, not me.

What I expect

I unlock my threads when the admin who did this steps down and decides to apologize in public. As history clearly shows, the administration should mind their own business and maybe focus on coding instead of moderating things, because they handle things here slowly and pretty badly as I revealed.

General problems here on with the administration

Even making obvious jokes, - one single time - in Matrix chat gets me banned from the admin chat just because I dared trying to contact administration to solve an urgent problem. Afterwards even trying to pin this on me to justify this nonsense. Keep in mind that the Lemmy documentation clearly says - friendly chat. When is this friendly.... well it is not. I think you fool yourself if you believe this for one single second. I think the echo chambers are here too big, and the administration is entirely based, they want to hear what they support and not what you have to say. I usually try breaking the circles with randomizing my ideas, topics and findings because I clearly do not want to create a society, community in which is only believed what X people saying and then the rest is sheep that only copies and follows those individuals. I expect everyone that answers and respond to my threads to come unbased and how own opinions onto the topic and subject otherwise we can close everything and copy only Hacker News, Reddit and that is it.

I do believe every developer should get more respect than random users, not only because you never know who is behind those fake user accounts but because developers provide us with the tools that we talk about, especially here in this community. So coming into my community without trying to deescalate things gets no place in this community. This is also very clearly communicated on several places, if administration has a problem with that then why not contact me and try sorting things out, come to a common ground on what is acceptable - on both sides - and what is a no-go. This is what I can expect from grown up adults.

I made a archive to my response after my 7 days ban, you can find it here




This proves my point and the mod log shows that he copies my own statement, twists it against me, why should I come to admins when they ban me and have no interest to sort this out via DM... makes no sense.

Copies my own statement, twists it against me because he do not want to handle anything at all


This is copied from me, my context is different tho. I meant users who are interested in an open topic can ask admin to resolve this matter, apparently dessalines has no interest and deleted my entire community without giving me a chance to back my posts up, my community which he calls now troll community had thousands of posts and useful information in it. Some posts he even responded himself. He simply wanted to get rid of the post about spreading disinformation, which was the true reason. I am not the one who needs to kneel for his own posts and there is no rule which disallows you to lock every single posts, besides I did mentioned it in the sidebar.

The abuse level on is high, bans are pretty normal but deleting entire communities is shady as hell

While he keeps claiming how bad Reddit is, he shows the same signs himself, abuse, lies and all this for the money, on behalf of Reddit and other platforms back because this is what this is about.

He shows zero interest in resolving anything at all with his mods and when you dare to expose the truth you are the one who should get all the heat.

Got shadow ban too, or unclear what this is but everyone is welcome


Everyone is welcome right. Lies starting already in the sidebar, it also contradicts the code of conduct, please see below.


But looks same like on Reddit, except that the ban tag is visible. It does not appear in any mod log and I can apparently still create posts.

No clue how this is justified, but he will make up arguments anyway. If he does not find some, he copies my own statements and uses it against me, even shadier than what he complaints about what he thinks happens on Reddit.


Please go ahead and support such behavior.


This will not silence me. It makes it worse for the admins, as those are also the same who code the platform which means they are directly called out now and all my posts stay forever.


Now I got entirely banned because I created another community, the same because I did nothing wrong and wanted to start again but I locked my posts due to my protest. Something I think is justified after I got punished for doing my duty, duty that is unloved annoying because I see it most of the time as Kindergarten.


I also never got warned nor contacted multiple times btw. I got one single time DMed from him, because I reported a troll, that exposed himself as troll, there is text for that and insulted me several time. The admin was angry reading trough our, what he called, walls of text, simply our discussion and had enough, made things up like he did in the past e.g. that I would have violated a specific rule, which was not the case. I got insulted, multiple times and had enough and the mod in the Linux community simply did nothing to close the topic or to deescalate and I did not wanted to let wrong things stand.

This mod log is pure and simple disinformation, my community was also not a troll community. The admin here is obvious the troll who abuses his power, knowingly that others read the mod log, he just wanted to get rid of me. Even after giving him a fair change via DM, that I send him to respond, but that also never happened, no response or comment, just nothing.

See here, I send him this link only with nothing else as DM.


Made up, simple disinformation. I also never broke rule 2 because trolls are explicitly not allowed as per code of conduct and my own rules also underlined that clearly. When you have no interest in the discussion, join in bad faith, debate about something you are not willingly to give up then this is considered trolling, and again I acted up on that, that is all.


Everyone welcome does not mean every trash troll can waste my and other peoples time. You allow nazis and then when I ban them punish me too, makes no sense, of course not everyone is welcome and this should be clearly communicated.

I acted up on that and the admin here hides behind anonymity and is exposed as troll himself who likes to abuse his admin abilities deliberately in order to spread disinformation. How does creating another community breaks rule 2, this is a made up argument because he had no other reason at all. There is also no rule, or code of conduct, after he removed my first community he did not even had the guts to send me a DM, as if deleteing over 1k+ posts is a normal thing.

The mod log is pretty much useless if you make things up as you go or try to find reasons to ban entire communities or to get rid of individual people, people like me who actually - for example - dared to say something against Firefox, a product he advocates as favorite apps. So I question credibility, honesty and the question remains how objective you can stay doing coding, moderating and spreading what apps you love to use.

Update 2


He cannot handle any criticism, everyone who dares saying something gets banned.


Even after showing up in Matrix chat, giving him the chance in several channels to respond, he bans me, claiming I would troll, just for posting a link.


Via DM no response, pretty sure he blocked me there too. Reasoning not possible.

Lemmy dev deserves no support and must be called out, he is a liar, twists things trough mod log as he sees fit, is not able to argue or to respond and make things up to spread deliberately disinformation in an attempt to swipe the truth under the carpet and to silence me, and others, because I am not the only one.

I can only warn everyone to stay away from and not support such behavior or tolerate such shady admin. Not only he claims to be better than Reddit but what makes it worse is the fact that he pretends to be more open but abuse his own created system to make me, and others, because I am not even a special case, look bad with deliberately planted disinformation.

Update 3

Thanks for the support and reblogs, toots, posts and help. Means alot to me when I see there are sill some good people out there, people who do not believe everything they read, asking questions, and trying to solve things instead of trying to get rid of it.

I updated everything as much as possible, in good faith and according to all information I have and I believe my story is credible because I had no intention to shit-talk someone, in fact I advertised lemmy as well as the instance on several places but this went too far and instead of stepping down and admitting your own failures you ban me for made up reasons because it is easier - for you - this way. I am deeply disappointing because that is something you as instance owner complaint about that Reddit and other platforms would abuse and now you ended up doing the same and worse.

That is all I had to say, I look into my own instance and options to write better code of conducts as well as introducing a system that has 4eyes administration principle to avoid that one based admin can simply get rid of you whenever there is a personal conflict or small dispute that could have been easily resolved by just talking to each one another.

This post now got archived here, I updated it to include the Matrix DM screenshot.

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